As more and more people search online to find their dream home, it is crucial for sellers to make their properties stand out from the rest. Your potential buyers will first see your home through a display of photos and videos online, they need to represent your home in the most visually appealing way possible.

There are professional photographers who can get the right angels, lighting and exposers to capture the house in high quality which will help it to sell faster. However, there are also some things you can do to get it ‘property photography’ ready.  By getting it ready you’re not only making your home look better for the photos but also for an interested buyer comes to view the house, it will be ready for them to see in person too.

  1. Go Neutral

Paint your home with neutral and earthy tones so that the house can appeal to everyone. Sometimes dark and complicated walls can put buyers off just from the moment they see them. Neutral walls can appear to make a room look larger, brighter and cleaner. Soft neutral colours will win interest over every time.

  1. De-clutter and get cleaning

Understandably buyers won’t want to see cluttered kitchen tops and over-crowded shelves as it can makes the house look smaller and sometimes unclean. You should look to move what you can into storage until you have sold your property. Without the clutter, a potential buyer can visualize how they would decorate the house themselves, so it’s best to make room for their own imaginations without cluttering it with your possessions. Make sure your home is spotless too, carry out a deep clean in all rooms even though this is for the purpose of photographs, buyers can spot dirt and stains. If you have someone coming to view the house you won’t have to worry about it being dirty or smelling bad.

  1. Lighting

Lighting is one of the key issues that can put off buyers, poor lighting can make them feel like their trapped in an old person’s house or worse their old school! Bright and natural light can make a home feel larger and calmer, making the rooms more vibrant and pleasing. If your home does not get good natural lighting look to place more enhanced lighting inside the house such as stronger bulbs and additional lamps. According the

‘The right light can make any room look bigger, airier and more desirable. It can create a dramatic mood, draw attention to focal points in your décor and make a big difference in how you—and potential buyers—feel about your home’.

Opt for Led Lighting as its more energy efficient and this can also be a great selling point.

  1. Last minute touches

Although we said de-clutter and clean, sometimes quirky little details can be the edge your home needs to sell. This doesn’t mean go and decorate though, just add some nice little touches in to make it seem more desirable. House plants are a great addition, they give a room a splash of colour but not in an overpowering way. Making sure your gardens are all well-kept, digging out the weeds, trimming the hedges and rose beds will also make your home seem more tidy and appealing. These little touches can be focused on in the property photography and enhanced in the most aesthetically pleasing way.

If you’re looking to sell your property or you’re an estate agent, you should consider investing in a professional photographer as they will help you to capture the home in the best way possible. The photos your potential buyers see will be their first view on the home so good and lasting impressions are vital.

The demand for Property photography has increased as the online property market has rocketed over time. As well as offering high-quality photos of your home they can create 360 virtual tours and videos of the property which gives the user a digitally immersed full view of the home in much exceptional quality. Visit our property photography page or our 360 virtual tours page to find more how we can help you with selling your home.