Why a virtual open house could be the next big thing for estate agents

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As restrictions are currently still in place, there is uncertainty for some businesses on whether they can operate as normal by the end of June. For some of these businesses, estate agents being one, face-to-face meetings with clients are at the core of their service. This has meant that estate agents have had to put viewings on hold or limit them due to social distancing and no contact rules.

That being said, new statistics show that 95% of buyers start their search online to find their dream home. So, with the right media and platforms, as an estate agent, you can effectively use this as an opportunity to gain stronger leads. If you present your potential buyers with digital content such as a 360 virtual tour that they can interact with, it will allow them to view the property in more detail so they can decide how interested they really are. 360 virtual tours create more efficiency and accuracy, saving you and the viewers time and increasing the likelihood of a sale.


How a 360 virtual tour can benefit the property market

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More and more estate agents and sellers are using one particular tool known as 360 virtual tours and 360 photography to help them market and sell homes faster. They provide the viewer with a safer alternative than face-to-face interactions and allow them to get a 360-degree view of the property that’s a fully immerse experience. These virtual tours give a walk-through experience of the home so you can get a true sense of the space and architectural design. You also get to see any issues or areas of the property you don’t like too. They give much more to the viewer than standard photos do. You can get an almost life-like feel for the property. 360 virtual tours can show both the internal and external areas. They can include the following features too:

  • Interactive walk-through tours
  • Floor plans & maps
  • Audio descriptions & background sounds
  • Weblinks & video links
  • Details of each room or location
  • Your logo and colour scheme
  • Information images & text ‘pop ups’

An estate agent can use the virtual tour within a video conference so they can talk to clients as if it was a real open house event. Most buyers will want all the details and someone to guide them as they go through the property, which unfortunately due to restrictions hasn’t been possible. However, using a 360 virtual tour this will give them what they need from you whilst remaining safe and keeping to the social distancing guidelines.

You can integrate your virtual tour seamlessly into your own website or other marketing platforms such as Rightmove, Youtube and Facebook. If you’re looking to create a virtual open house however you will need a video conferencing platform that gives you a live stream.


Integrating your 360 virtual tour with video conferencing

How a virtual tour can allow you to run a virtual open house to advertise and sell properties

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As an estate agent, you will want to combine voice interaction alongside the 360 virtual tour videos to give your viewers highlights of the home and answer any questions they may have. To create a virtual open house, you need your virtual tour content first which you can integrate with a video conferencing platform such a Zoom.

You could try a few run-through demonstrations with your colleagues or friends first before you invite your viewers to the live virtual open house. Once you feel confident and have everything in place, you’re ready to share your screen and being the virtual tour with your audience.


Where to find a 360 virtual tour photographer

Depending on your location, there should be a good selection of professional photographers who offer this as a service. In Hampshire and Southampton, I am able to create inventive 360 virtual tours of properties, businesses, schools and locations. I can also provide estate agents or property sellers with property photography services too. For more details on 360 virtual tours and photography you can visit my page or get in touch and I will be happy to go through the details with you.