Christmas is just around the corner and with most restrictions lifted, work events and Christmas parties can go ahead. If the role and responsibility of organising the party has fallen to you this year, have you considered hiring a professional corporate photographer to capture your memorable moments on film? We’ve worked with many different corporations and businesses over the years, providing event photography services for them across Southampton and Hampshire.

As each event we work with is unique, we tailor our services to meet the specification of each one so you have a collection of professional photographs that can be used for a variety of different reasons. Perhaps you want your photos to go on the company website, in a brochure or in a marketing publication? Using your photos from your corporate event can be a great marketing tool that shows the human side of your business. You could use your photographs to go on the company blog which helps with engagement and to attract new visitors. It’s also a nice idea to share with attendees so they can see the fun they had or as a kind gesture to your employee to remember the event by (we all know how forgetful we can be after indulging on the free wine).

Christmas is also a time many companies hold charity events, fundraisers, award ceremonies and gala dinners which are important occasions to capture and show to your clients of what a successful year you’ve had. Your photos can capture particular parts of your ceremony, showcasing the awards that have been given to certain employees for their hard work and achievements. Group shots of all your employees together dressed in their finest attire and action shots of people enjoying the evening and dancing the night away can all be captured to remember. Each special moment of your event, whether it’s to mark the end of a year, to praise employees or to celebrate and party in style can be taken and you’ll have a selection of professional photos to use for multiple different purposes. Below is list of all the different types of events we can cater for, if you have any special requirements we can provide a bespoke photography package to meet your needs:

Professional Event Photography
• Exhibition Photography
• Conference Photography
• Awards Dinner Photography
• Award Ceremonies Photography
• Gala Dinner Photography
• Red Carpet Events Photography
• PR Event Photography
• Recognition & Sales Event Photography
• Black Tie Events Photography
• Charity Dinners Photography
• Charity Events Photography
• Christmas Party Photography

These events are a great way to demonstrate your company in a positive light that can help to secure future business and lasting relationships. Providing a collection of photographic memories that your clients can take away with them and show to their own clients, family members and friends will be a thoughtful keepsake for them to have. Hiring a professional corporate photographer for your event will offer that added touch and detail, where employees and clients can see you’ve gone all out and that their enjoyment means a lot to you and your business.

At J Stock Photography, we have over 12 years’ worth of experience in corporate event photography and we understand how important it is to capture each special moment. We work to understand your company and your brand so we can deliver professional photographs that portray the exact image you want to give. We tailor our services to each project and provide competitive prices that are honest and of great value. We pride ourselves on your professionalism, that is why many corporate businesses use our photography services time and time again.

To show you the variety of corporate events we have provide our photography services for over the years, we’ve put together a selection of our favourites.

Event Photography

corporate event photography in Hampshire & Southampton

Event photography in Southampton and Hampshire

event photography

Event photography in Southampton and Hampshire

Corporate and event photography by J Stock Photography in Hampshire and Southampton

event corporate photography

Corporate event photography in Southampton and Hampshire

Event photography photography in Southampton and Hampshire

If you would like a book us for your corporate event please get in touch and we can provide you with more details and a free quote. You can also book our headshot photography services that are available to both large and businesses across Hampshire and Southampton.