Why it’s important to have Professional Headshots and Corporate Photography

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Whether you’re a small firm, a growing or large corporation, professional headshots alongside corporate photographs of your office environment can help to boost your brand image. It gives prospective clients a positive view of your dynamic and polished company. Your corporate photographs will help to attract new clients by building trust within your brand and organisation. As people relate to people, seeing other humans at work who look smart, focused and driven will give you a cutting-edge advantage above your competitors that can earn you important and lasting relationships. Headshots of the Director or your CEO, action shots of your employees working and office shots of the workplace give a professional and productive first impression of the company.

Are you planning a corporate photography session for your company? Although it may sound as simple as just a few professional headshots of your employees and office, there’s actually a lot more to it which includes planning, organisation and structure. That’s why we’ve put together a step-by-step guide of the best tips and advice to help you effectively execute the process of your company photoshoot.

Plan the Corporate Photoshoot Strategically

What are your company photos for?

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Before you begin making any arrangements, its important that you outline the objective of what the corporate photographs are intended for. You can discuss this with your marketing and PR departments or the company Directors who’ve asked for it go ahead.

Are the headshots and images for website purposes, a brochure or to use in sales material? They might also be for a bio, team page or a company board to go in a meeting room or reception area. You also need to work out how many of your employees are having a headshot done and how many photos you want of your office or working environment. This will also help you to determine the size, format and style the photos need to be and what budget you’re going to need which can make a big difference on how the photography session is carried out.

What image do your corporate photos need to portray?

Professional headshot example with a blue background.

After you have established what the photographs are going to be used for, which can be multiple things, you need to ask what type of image do you want to portray? When thinking about this question, think about your brand and values. Is your company a fun and edgy workplace that’s hip like a trendy fashion brand or is it a more serious corporate organisation like a law firm? Your professional headshots and company photos should help to reflect your beliefs, conduct and attitude so clients can relate and build trust.

Backgrounds and Styles

professional headshots

Also discuss with your teams what headshot backgrounds you’d like and if you would like your office environment as an option as posed to a colour background. Different backgrounds can help to give off different images of your company. You can incorporate outside features to make it interesting, the office space which is an essential part of the company or a simple black/white background for a professional finish. Talk amongst your top employees so you have the ideas in place to pass onto the photographer. You can confer with the professional photographer (who should have expert advice having worked with many companies) on what will work best for your company’s vision and image.


Plan a budget for your professional headshot session

Image by Dirk Wouters from Pixabay

As you have already done your planning, you will now need to work out what budget you or your company are willing to spend on the headshots and corporate photos. You can discuss your requirements and objectives with different photographers to get some quotes. If the prices are out of your budget you may want to re-plan and take out some sections that are not essential and crucial to the company. You might find you don’t want as many of the work place and just the headshots of the employees will do. Based on your requirements, i.e. how many headshots and corporate photos are needed, what size and style they need to be, the photographers should be able to quote you a price.

While some photographers can charge a lot, it’s also worth noting that your photos are a great investment that can last for years to come. Getting it right the first time will save you time and money of having to redo it further down the line.

Choose Your Photographer

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When looking for a professional photographer and choosing one that’s right for your company, ensure the following steps:

  • The photographer specialises in headshot and corporate photography
  • They have experience with on-site company photography
  • They are able to work under timeframes – you may only be able to give so much time for the session so they need to work under pressure
  • They have knowledge of your location – choose a local photographer if possible
  • They have a good portfolio of headshots and corporate photos on their website
  • The photographer should also have good reviews from other companies – check out their Google My Business page (maps listing) and their testimonial page
  • Ask if they have the necessary equipment such as lighting, background drops etc.
  • Ask if they provide editing services and they should be able to provide a turnaround time for your photos

Make lists and give the details to the photographer

Make a list of your headshot session details to give to your photographer

Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

Make a list of the following and give this to the photographer so he has all the details prior to the day:

  • Number of people having headshots
  • Number of group photos
  • The locations in which the photos are to be taken (outside, office space, or background)
  • Number of office/environment shots – premises, office space, facilities, reception area etc.
  • Number of action shots of employees
  • What the company photos are for – this will help preparation for sizing and editing and

You might want the headshots with a background and the group photos taken outside so make sure all the details are listed and given to your photographer in advance, it’s recommended at least 2 weeks prior to the session or more if you can. You can also send example headshots taken from their websites of ones you like so they know the exact style, image and quality you’re wanting to achieve.

Also ask the photographer necessary questions you need to know so you plan and schedule such as:

  • how long realistically does each headshot take?
  • How long will it take to set up?
  • Do they need anything from you to set up and carry out the session?
  • What is their availability?

Begin making a schedule for the headshot photography session

After you’ve chatted to the photographer and you know how long each headshot will take, you can begin to schedule this in and proceed booking a set day and time slot for it. Your employees will need to know in advance so they can set aside time for the session, making prearrangements for meetings or deadlines.

You should speak to the Directors, managers and staff to discuss which time is most suitable, mornings or afternoon? Once you have agreed a time and day that is most suitable for everyone you can then let your photographer know.


Will there be any legal agreements you’re the corporate photography session? Your photographer will know a lot on this to advice you. Make sure you have a legal agreement with them also that states your company has the necessary licenses for the photos.

Photo Instructions and Final Preparation


Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Running up to the event make sure you send reminders and emails to all those involved so everyone is ready and there on time. You can also set calendar reminders for your employees so they have the details saved. Ensure your reminders have the following details:

  • Time and date of the headshot photography session
  • Objections
  • Any specific clothing – dress code, make up etc.
  • Location of the photography session and where to meet

Remember to notify your reception of the photographer’s arrival and any security team you have so there are no delays of them entering the premises.

How to book a headshot and corporate photography session with us

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