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What is a headshot and what do they do?

As part of our corporate photography services, we are often asked to do professional headshots by clients. But you may find yourself asking what even is a headshot and what can it do for me and my brand?

A headshots prime focus is to be a polished and modern self-portrait, that helps to identify a person’s or businesses professionalism. When this is applied to an entire organisation’s workforce, it can help to demonstrate the brands culture and image. As we now see, many organisations and professionals are using headshots across their websites, social networks, press releases, and more. By establishing a level of professionalism to your company through headshots you are helping to develop character, awareness, and recognition. You are also helping your customers to identify specific people within your business.


What are the different types of headshot?

Headshots can be taken in a range of different styles depending on your brand and marketing needs. We provide professional headshots for all types of clients who often need them for publications, PR releases, business and social profiles, websites, and more.

You can choose whether to have the session at your office, home, or on-location, as we are mobile photographers who service the whole of Hampshire and the surrounding area. Our mobile headshot sessions are ideal for busy companies who need to get back to work quickly. This is because we come to you and do all the work onsite. All you need to do is look smart for your professional headshots and choose a format that suits your organisation. Whether you choose to incorporate your office environment as the background or have them taken against a popup backdrop, the choice is yours.

To help you decide on the format and style of your professional headshots, we have put together a list of examples. If you find there is a format you like but would like to alter anything, we can tailor your photography session to meet the needs of your brand.


Headshot Examples


1. Office environment.

Example of a professional headshot, taken by J Stock Photography who specialise in headshots, events, corporate, property and wedding photography across the UK.

Professional headshots with your office or place of work as the backdrop really helps to set the scene. You want the background to compliment the portrait though and not to be distracting. Office portraits are often taken with the background blurred and the subject sharp to make the subject stand out.


2. Black background.

Headshot example with a black background to make the person stand out. For professional headshot photography please visit J Stock Photography

A plain black backdrop can help the person look more distinctive. This backdrop is best used with headshots or closeup portraits to really draw the viewers eye.


3. Grey background.

Professional headshot with a grey background by J Stock Photography in Hampshire, Southampton and the UK.

Using a grey backdrop can give a professional look that is warmer and calming. It is only a small change in colour but it makes such a difference to the feel of the image. This is one of the most popular choices for corporate portraits.


4. Outdoors environment.

Headshot photograph with an environment background by J Stock Photography in Hampshire.

Having your portraits taken outdoors will result in a very welcoming image with an ethical tone to it. Great for showing you are in touch with the world around you, like this portrait of an architect. The image is often taken with the background slightly blurred so the person stands out more.


5. Headshots for social media profiles.

J Stock Photography specialises in headshot photography which can be used across business and social media profiles such as Linkedin.

Headshots specifically for social media profiles such as LinkedIn need to be fit for purpose. Profile images are displayed small once uploaded so they need to be closeup shots with a clean background. This is so the subject can be seen clearly. These photos are also shot for there need as profile pictures are usually not landscape or portrait. They are often square or round.


6. White background.

Headshot photograph with a professional white background by J Stock Photography in Southampton, Hampshire and the UK.

A white background is probably the most used backdrop. It can also work with any colour scheme and looks clean and fresh too. A closeup headshot also helps to draw the viewer into the subject’s eyes and shows real personality.


7. Sitting pose.

Professional headshot example with a blue background.

An action shot whilst sitting works well for people like solicitors or those who attend regular meetings. It shows them in their role and the viewer relates to this. They are often taken as part of a shot for company directors or CEO’s, people who regularly need images for publications or PR. Having a portfolio of images with different looks means you don’t need to use the same photos each time. This keeps the content looking fresh. We can set up anywhere at your preferred location to get the best backgrounds and variety for your headshots.


8. Office billboards/signs background.

Headshot with a company message board as background

Using your existing office background with its unique branding and message works great for headshots. It promotes your company values and ethics.


9. Action headshot.

Corporate headshot photography by J Stock Photography.

Action shots of you doing your thing say everything about you and what you do. We can take your photos at your corporate events, meetings, and conferences so you have an excellent headshot showing what you do best.


If you have any questions about our professional headshot photography services please do not hesitate to contact us, or visit our headshot photography page to find out more.