We’ve noticed a lot of our individual and corporate clients request a certain amount of information on our headshot photography service before they book. This is often when choosing which photographer to pick and gain insight into who is offering the best value for money and the most professional service. Our website features a gallery full of headshot examples so clients are able to see the quality of our work as well as the session details and fees.

From our research, we know there are still many questions clients have, so we’ve put together a short guide that will hopefully answer them for you.


How much should you pay for a professional headshot?

On average, you should look to pay around £150 for a professional headshot. This fee can depend on the level of experience the photographer has, as the saying goes ‘you get what you pay for’. A good headshot photographer will want to give you the best value for money, so if their fees are high you should expect great quality and highly professional headshots in a variety of options. For example, they’ll offer different background colours or environment settings, high-res and low-res photos, Lite blemish retouching, and more.


What are the fees for a headshot?

We offer individual headshot sessions starting at £150 for a 1-hour session.

There is our Personal branding headshot session which lasts around 2 hours for £225 or you can opt for a company headshot session for up to 10 people at £225.


What should you wear for a headshot photography session?

For most clients, we would recommend that you wear something smart and professional, like a suit, shirt, and tie or a blouse. Dress relevant to your usual work attire though, as you would when you meet your clients or do your job. For example, if you are a gardener, don’t put on a shirt and tie, wear your usual gardening gear (preferably new) and have the image taken whilst you are gardening.  For business attire, try and opt for a dark-coloured suit as this will stand out against the background colour or setting. If you have clothing that is fitted particularly well you should go for this rather than anything baggy as it can look boxy and rectangular in a photo, especially if you’re sitting down.


Where can I use my headshot photographs?

Most people use them for Linkedin profiles, marketing publications, company websites, brochures, and other social platforms. Businesses tend to feature their staff’s headshots on their websites and notice boards within the workplace. This looks really inviting and professional to visitors coming in as they can get a grasp on who’s who and what they do.


Should I smile in a headshot photograph?

Yes! Although you don’t have to but by smiling, you appear more friendly and welcoming, Creating a warm connection with the viewer is so important in business and can really make a difference in someone hiring you or choosing your company.


What makes a good headshot?

First and foremost, a warm and welcoming headshot that connects with the person viewing it. Potential clients should see your picture and feel like they want to do business with you. Good lighting and camera angles are also important, which is where the photographer’s skill and experience comes in. The photographer will work with you and guide you through what can often be a nervous experience. They will make you feel at ease in front of the camera and choose locations that create strong images and good background that makes you stand out. They will advise you throughout the headshot session on poses and angles. You’ll also be able to view the images as you go.


How do I book a headshot session?

If you require a professional headshot, whether that be for individual proposes such as your social platforms like Linkedin, or you’re a company requiring a team headshot session then please get in touch. Let us know your needs and we can give you as much advice and information as possible. You can also visit our headshot photography page for the full details on each session we offer which includes individual headshots, personal branding headshots and staff/team headshots.

Our headshot photography is available to clients in Hampshire, Southampton (main land), and the surrounding areas.