Property Videography


Online property tours have become more popular than ever, especially with the current pandemic and its necessary lockdowns. Having a video tour gives a seller the ability to show potential buyers their property without them viewing it in person. There are other benefits to having a video tour too. They keep the viewer more engaged and give them a much better feel for the property than images do. Video brings the property to life. The viewer can really experience what it is like to be there and get a feel for its character and charm.

The buyer and the seller both benefit from a video tour and here is why.


Video Tours Save Everyone Time


As a seller, you may think that the more people you show around the property the better. This isn’t necessarily true. A lot of time is spent showing viewers around who don’t become potential buyers. They view the property and find it doesn’t fit their needs. If the property has a video tour, the potential buyer has already viewed the property online and knows it is a potential fit for their needs. As a seller, you are now spending your time with higher-quality leads. The people who view now have a good understanding of the property as a potential home.

It saves time for the buyer too. They are only spending time viewing properties that are a better potential fit. There is nothing more disappointing for a buyer than to spend time viewing a house only to find it doesn’t fit their needs. If they can watch a walkthrough video tour on sites like Zoopla or Rightmove, they have a much better feel for the property and know if it is a good fit prior to an actual viewing.


Property Videos Can Reach a Wider Audience


Another reason property video tours can help is it expands you listing to a wider audience. More than 90% of people looking to buy a property start by searching on the internet. Having a video tour makes it much easier for potential buyers to view not just locally but globally. Not all potential buyers will be local. If they can tour the property online, then as a seller you have just expanded your selling market to so many more buyers than just the local market. This is one of the biggest benefits for both the buyer and the seller.


Video Tours Can Save Money


The main reason sellers choose not to have a video tour is because they don’t see it as an investment. A walkthrough video tour can actually save you both money. Both the seller and the buyer are only travelling to and attending viewings that are of higher-quality. For the buyer, this is almost like a second viewing for them. They have already seen the property, had a walkthrough and vetted it as a strong choice for a purchase.  For the seller, they now only have viewings for potential buyers with a higher potential for a sale.

Video tours also help the property stand out from other properties on offer. They can help to get a better asking price and a faster offer. This is because when a buyer watches a video tour, they can better picture themselves living there and making it their home. Once they have made that emotional investment, they are more likely to make an offer.



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