If you’re looking to sell your home or if you’re an estate agent selling homes for clients, we can help you. We’re going to give you our top tips when it comes to photographing properties, what to do and what not to do. Hopefully this information will help to sell your house faster, or at least give you some direction of what you need to do before you get started.

How do photos benefit the sale of a home?

Well, statistically 90% of people looking to buy a house start their search online, using the leading estate giants’ platforms such as Rightmove and Zoopla. When a property listing has good quality photos of the property and the land, it can attract up to 93% more leads than a listing without photos.

Can I post my listing without property photos?

Although you may come across some listings that say ‘photos coming soon’, we would advise you look to add as many photos of your home as possible.

You might be in a rush to sell your home but its best to wait until you have all the photos done correctly so you have the full package. If you’re posting on Rightmove, you should know that their listings get more notice in the first 2 weeks of going live and with property alerts, some people might see the listing as soon as its posted. An unfinished listing could get disregarded and overlooked, as they say a photo speaks a thousand words, it’s crucial to have photos that stand out from the crowd as much as possible.

How many photos should I take of the property?

We would highly recommend you take at least 1 photo of every room in the house, if not more. You can take photos from different angels so the potential buyer gets a full view and perspective of what the room truly looks like. Try using 1-2 photographs of your main rooms and the ones with the best features that are key selling points, like the kitchen and garden.

Is there a more effective way of showcasing the house without using lots of photos?

360 video tours and 360 virtual tours are becoming increasingly popular with estate agents, 360 virtual tours showcase a room with a 360-degree angle that you can interactively zoom in and out of to get a close up. The 360 video tours are a motion video of the property, taking the viewer through a story-telling of the property in high definition. Both of these options cut out the need for lots of photos, although the potential buyer will more than likely want to see photos, videos and 360 virtual tours. The more media you have of the property the more it will attract the buyer and give your property the edge over the competition.

Examples below of a 360 virtual tour and 360 video tours so you can see how effective and useful they are to both estate agents and potential home buyer:

[incorporate video and 360 virtual tour media]

To help show you what your property photography photos should look like and how many you need, we’ve given some examples below of the ones we have taken for our clients across the UK. This should give you some indication of the level of quality your property photos need to be at as well as how many per room. It can also give you some guidance on what your listings should look like too:

2 photos of the front external of the property

external property photography Hampshire and Southampton from J Stock Photgraphy

property photography available in Hampshire and Southampton

1 -2 photos of the living room

Interior house property photography Hampshire and Southampton

1-2 photos of the dinning room or spare rooms

internal property photograph by J Stock Photography in Hampshire & Southampton

2-3 photos of the kitchen

kitchen shot, Interior property photography in Southampton and Hampshire

 1 photo of the hall/stairs

1-2 photos of each bedroom

Bedroom shot from our property photography service available across Hampshire, Southampton and the UK.

1-2 photos of the bathroom

Interior house property photography in Hampshire and Southampton

2-3 photos of the garden/land

property photography available in Hampshire and Southampton

1-2 photos of the rear external of the property

Exterior property photography in Southampton and Hampshire

What camera should I use to take photos of my property?

You can use your camera phone or a proper photography camera if you have one to take the property photos. You can also use different tools online to get the pixels and definition up to a high standard. Some of the tools can be expensive and it can be a long and daunting process to do as you have to upload each one then play around with them until they look just right. All of that is on top of everything else you have going on with the house, your job, looking after your family etc. This is why most people use estate agents as they’ll do all the hard grafting for you to the best of their ability too, which takes some of the pressure away from you.

Can estate agents take the property photographs for me?

You’ll find most estate agents use professional photographers for property photography as it isn’t normally within their expertise and they understand the influence that good photos have on potential home buyers. They want to the property as well as their company to look professional so they’ll seek out reputable photographers who specialise in property photography, like us.

We’ve worked with estate agents across Hampshire, Southampton and the UK, if you’re looking to sell and need a photographer please visit our page to find out more or contact us today.