360 virtual tour panorama


The Potential of a 360 Virtual Tour

With more and more buyers looking online for their new home, its fundamental for sellers and estate agents to provide a quality online experience for their customers. From surveys, we know that 51% of buyers now find their homes online and 99% of millennials (the largest group of home buyers) use the internet in their search. These huge numbers are a massive opportunity for those who are selling their property. But how do you get your property to stand out?

Having a listing that gets the buyers attention is where 360 virtual tours excel. They let the viewer see so much more than you can from a photo. They can walk around and get a true feel for the warmth and personality of the home. For them, it is like going for a first viewing already. To create virtual tours, property owners and estate agents hire property photography experts who have the experience and skill to capture incredibly detailed and lifelike 360-degree virtual tours.


A 360 Virtual Tour is Different from a Video

You should know that a virtual tour is different from a property tour video. It has immersive 360 panoramic images that the user can interact with using the mouse on a computer or by swiping gestures on a mobile device in order to look around. This allows the buyers to zoom in on areas they want to look at in detail and really get a feel of the room as though they were in it. They can walk from room to room and choose what to look at next. You cannot look around inside a video – unless it is a 360 degree video – but you wouldn’t call a 360 degree video a virtual tour either.

A video tour is different from a 360 virtual tour. Virtual tours are interactive 360 photos whereas video tours are a motion video of the property. You might have already seen a few on platforms like Youtube. You can also use it while walking around the property, it can also be a great tool when you are story-telling about the featured property while doing your real estate marketing video.



This means you can share across multiple platforms and channels generating more of an audience and interest. Virtual tours can be used for all types of sectors as they are an amazing PR tool that has proven results, they work great for other businesses such as nightclubs, restaurants, cruises, event ceremonies, opening events, hotels, schools and so many others.

You can share 360 virtual tours on sites like Rightmove, Zoopla, or social media sites. You can even embed virtual tours into your own website if you have one.


The Benefits

Two of the biggest online property giants are Rightmove and Zoopla who allow you to use various types of media such as photos, virtual tours and video tours to showcase your home, which is great news for sellers and estate agents looking to get ahead of the competition. When potential buyers see a home they’re interested in, they instantly click to scroll through the images. This is where they will make their decision whether or not it’s worth looking into any further. This short-listing process benefits both the buyer and the seller. For the buyer, it saves them time with viewings. For the seller, they are getting much higher quality leads because the viewer has already had a walk around and vetted it worthy of seeing in person.

360 virtual tours will not only entice potential buyers to your listing but also increase your chances of selling. Virtual tours look give your listing that cutting edge flair required to help sell your property as fast as possible. Their added interactivity, which is missing in images and videos, is liked and shared more on social media making your return on investment higher.