Company image is so important in today’s competitive market. Having a strong online presence is key. The images you use on your website and social media platforms say so much about who you are as a business. They reflect your professionalism and as a result, could make the difference in a customer choosing you over a competitor.


So, why should you hire a professional photographer for corporate events?


When you hire a professional photographer, it makes a big difference in how customers connect with you. Maybe you are planning a product launch, a business conference or a PR event. Having a colleague take the few pictures on their mobile isn’t going to give you the images that your event deserves, especially with all that time and money invested on the occasion. Events are always looked up to by many and they say so much about your company. What’s more, the event represents your brand and has your reputation attached to it.

If you want your event photos to be eye-catching and memorable, then you should hire a corporate event photographer for the occasion. Here are my top reasons why a professional photographer is essential for your next event!


You Get Top Quality Images


Not everyone can shoot like a pro. An experienced event photographer knows when and how to capture key moments during the event. They capture images that reflect the high standard and quality your company is looking for to stand out. A professional photographer can anticipate a good shot and capture that moment by using their years of experience and expert eye. Most importantly, what sets a professional apart from an amature is the skill and ability to capture eye-catching images consistently.


They Shoot Without Disturbing your Event


Concentration is extremely important for all attending a corporate event. If a photographer keeps setting off flashes or walking around constantly, the attendees won’t be able to focus. How can they understand what is being discussed with all those distractions? A photographer with event experience knows how to work effectively and not be distracting. They use long lenses that allow them to capture images without needing to be up close. Pro cameras are also designed to work in low light. This means they can shoot without the need to use flash. They know where to be and when. They also ensure that all the images needed for company publications and marketing are captured.


Every Detail is Covered


When a professional photographer covers an event, they know which parts need to be emphasised and the amount of coverage needed. They work closely with the event organiser looking at schedules and timings in detail. They also discuss how the images will be used after the event to ensure the images are fit for the clients’ needs. All key moments are captured plus a wide variety of images throughout the event to show everything from guests networking to speakers making important announcements.


They Know How to Tackle Poor Light


Event venues can have all sorts of tricky lighting situations and can often be low lit, particularly with older venues. You can’t control the lights of a banquet hall or a hotels event room! Whatever the lighting situation is, an experienced photographer knows how to work in this environment. They have the knowledge, the experience and the gear needed. A photographer without the experience of dealing with these tricky conditions could end up with gloomy pictures. On the other hand, a professional knows how to produce high-quality images, consistently.


In summary, hiring a professional event photographer can benefit your company in many ways, giving you high-quality images that can gain you a competitive edge.

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