As anticipated, virtual tour statistics have gone through the roof since the Pandemic all started! To prevent the spread of the virus, people have been forced to go online in their search for a new home and estate agents have had no choice but to do online viewings. With restrictions set to end this month, the demand and need for virtual tours will likely be here to stay. Thanks to The Virtual Tour Experts, we found some magnificent statistics which shows how successful they’ve been for the seller, estate agent and the buyer.

According to The Virtual Tour Experts, they really do work as they’ve identified “on average a user was spending 8 minutes on their tour content with 4,700 average unique scene views”.

virtual tour statistics

They reported that between Feb and May last year, their virtual tour visits increased by 329% and that 90% of marketers that were surveyed agreed that virtual tours contributed to increased sight-unseen leases. WAV Group also published an insightful document on Virtual Tours which lists many positive benefits, saying that “listings with virtual tours get clicked on 40% more than listings that don’t have them. They also Increase visitor retention with stats showing websites with virtual tours are viewed 5-10 times longer than those without”. From last year, we can say we have noticed an increase in traffic to our virtual tour pages and that they’re the most viewed pages across our website.

Another fantastic stat from The Virtual Tour Experts said that 98% of people agree that a 360° video is more exciting and that 90% of business agreed it’s positively impacted their marketing during the pandemic!

The Virtual Tour Expert Statistics

Their data also suggests more people are now using virtual tour content in their research and to make decisions, but it’s not just home buyers who are keen on them. People are using them to decide whether or not to make hotel and restaurant reservations, as the hospitality sector has saw an increase in bookings after using Virtual Tours.

We also know that as time moves on, more and more people have access to the internet and multiple devices with 90% of millennials going online to search for their first property. That’s why WAV Group said in their data “While estate agents arrive over 50 years of age the majority of new home buyers is in their 30’s. Agents need to understand this demographic group’s technology expectations to be successful”.

property virtual tours and 360 video tours

As people, we find that statistics and data help us to make good decisions for our business and our customers. Knowing that virtual tours are proving to be successful for not only estate agents but also the potential buyer, gives us confidence that we’re offering a quality service that’s set to be the new way of property marketing for years to come.

If you’re an estate agent, seller or own a business and you’re considering having a virtual tour to showcase your properties, services or establishment, we provide virtual tours, 360° videos and 360° photography services across Hampshire and Southampton. Please visit our pages for more details on what our fabulous service entails or contact us today!