You may think that hiring an event photographer isn’t necessary these days. After all, everyone has a smartphone with a camera on it. So, what makes corporate event photography important enough to hire a professional? Here are some key benefits of hiring a professional event photographer.


Event photography guarantees professional results

If you want high-quality results, then nothing can beat the experience and skill that a professional photographer can give to your event images. They create images that reflect the high standard and quality your company is looking for to stand out. An event photographer can anticipate a good shot and capture that moment by using their years of experience and expert eye. They have the skill and equipped to deal with locations and settings that are often tricky to shoot, for example, poor lighting. Unfortunately, event venues can often be poorly lit, and that can be difficult for even the most high-end smartphones to work in.

A professional photographer’s high-end equipment and creative eye will result in beautifully-lit images to be proud of. This is a result of many years of experience. Whether your company is holding an awards ceremony, a Christmas party, a conference, or anything else, we’ll ensure you get quality service every time.


One less worry on your mind

If you’re organising a high profile event with your employees and clients attending, there is already lots to consider. When it comes to the day of the event itself, you can’t afford to be chasing around attendees taking photos on your phone. Hiring an event photographer allows you to concentrate on the event and work to ensure it’s running smoothly. You can be safe in the knowledge that someone is taking beautiful, candid shots of the occasion. A professional photographer isn’t there to take part in the event. They’re there to take pictures and ensure you have a varied selection of quality images for publication and social media afterward. Professional event photography is also a highly effective key to ensuring the success of marketing your event afterwords.


Build your brand

The benefits of visual marketing are endless. If you’re continuously sharing new, high-quality images with your customer base then it shows you are active and busy (and therefore successful) as a company. Corporate event photography will provide you with a selection of beautiful images that you’ll be able to utilise in many different ways. You’ll be able to share the images across social media, a press release, newsletter or blog post to keep your clients informed of your company’s latest news. Did you know that posts that include images produce 650% higher level of engagement than text only content? (Source: Movable Ink).


Having professional images that show the passion that your employees have in their job can be such a powerful message to share with potential and current clients. Professionally taken images show so much more than the formal side of your event. Your get high-quality images that can gain you a competitive edge. Here at J. Stock Photography, we specialise in covering corporate events of all sizes including  Award Ceremonies, Conferences, Charity Functions and PR marketing events.



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