What is personal branding?

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When we think of business branding, we immediately think of corporation logos and commercial advertising. Some of the most influential brands are recognised across the world for their logos alone, like Coco Cola and McDonalds for example. The company logos hold responsibility, reputation and values to the brand itself.

Personal branding, is the same thing but it applies to you as a person. In today’s society where everyone and everything is online, we have a personal footprint that can be Googled instantly. Have you ever Googled yourself to see what photos come up? Sometimes these can be old photos you don’t like or that have been taken from a social media profile you wanted to remain private. Once we have a personal branding footprint online, it’s like tar and very difficult to remove! That’s why it’s important now more than ever to stamp your own footprint out there in the world-wide-web and make yourself stand out from the crowd. You can be in control of your personal branding and with the help of a photographer you can create a new profile for yourself that you wish businesses and professionals to see and identify you.

What is a headshot?

Staff headshot photographer

A headshot is a portrait photograph of yourself portrayed in a professional manner and setting that can be used to promote yourself and your business. When we think of LinkedIn, there are professional headshots of every person across the platform which allow companies to determine whether or not the person is the right fit for their own brand.

People use their headshot photographs for CVs, LinkedIn profiles, marketing, websites, PR publications, advertising and much more. Businesses use staff headshots to demonstrate their culture, professional attitude and to offer a welcoming face for clients and customers to relate and connect to.

How headshots promote personal branding

Linkedin before and after headshot example by J Stock Photography

Personal branding is basically your own logo you wish to stamp online to show your level of professionalism and a headshot photograph can help to develop exactly just that.

It’s the first impression a company or client will get of you, so it’s important that impression gains you respect and value. If you have a poor-quality headshot or none at all, it doesn’t give a great impression and could result in a loss for yourself or your business.

When you have a good quality headshot of yourself and employees you can stand out from the crowd, showing to your clients that you take your business and personal brand serious. People buy from people and people trust people, more than they do logos! So, when we think of the impact and influence brand logos have, we should look to obtain this level of success ourselves.

Back before the internet became what it is today, all you had were business cards to promote yourself but now time has revolutionised, so has the quality of headshot photography. If you were looking to do business and you saw a shabby looking image of the CEO and another of a CEO looking smart, successful and professional, who would you choose? You’re more likely to trust the smart looking chap or lady than the shabby looking one.

Same if you were going out somewhere to eat, would you choose the nice-looking restaurant or the scruffy looking restaurant? People don’t want to do bad business, and bad quality photos might just give that last impression where they cut you out completely.

The great thing however, about having a headshot to promote your personal brand is that you can be flexible with them by incorporating different backgrounds, lightings and clothing into the shot. You can take multiple shots until you feel it’s right for you and your business and then you can play around with the resolution or touch up any blemishes you don’t like.

You could have the headshot taken at your office on-location, at home or with an environmental or studio back-ground. You can also wear your business suit, a smart skirt, tie and look as professional and bright as possible.

What do the different professional headshots look like?

professional photographer

To give you an idea on what you could have to advocate your own personal brand or that of your business, you can visit our blog post on examples of different professional headshots taken by myself, Julian Stock. These examples show different backgrounds, resolutions, lighting and clothing ideas you could choose for your own headshot.

If you would like to know more you can also visit my headshot and personal branding page which lists the details of the different sessions, I offer including their prices. You can also get in touch anytime you like by calling me on 07832 131434 or emailing jstock@jstockphotography.co.uk.