Due to the Pandemic, most of us have been working from home which has affected our face-to-face interactions with just about everybody. However, progress has been made and were slowly getting back to normal life with such things as returning to work and University.

With that in mind, now is probably the most crucial and important time to get a headshot done or to update your existing one. Companies may have lost employees due to sickness or travel circumstances so they’ll be actively seeking new candidates to join them. This is where you can really stand out from the crowd and make a great and lasting first impression.

Whether you’ve just graduated from university or you’re recently retired and looking to do some freelance work, professional headshots are an effective personal branding tool and now is the perfect time to update them.

Here are some reasons when you might want to update your professional headshot…

  1. Starting a new job

J Stock Photography specialises in headshot photography which can be used across business and social media profiles such as Linkedin.

If you’re starting a new job or you’ve recently been promoted, your professional headshot will help you to start off strong and make a great first impression. Your headshot will be used on multiple different platforms and systems such as the company’s website, your emails, Zoom calls, directories and LinkedIn profiles. People notice your professional image more than you think so it’s important that you showcase the best version of yourself.

  1. Looking for new career opportunities

Headshot photograph with an environment background by J Stock Photography in Hampshire.

Are you looking to go into a different or completely new career? Did you know your headshot can help to represent you in a way that suits the company’s personality and ethos? For example, if you’re looking to join a non-profit organisation you might want to appear more relaxed and friendly, with a colourful or natural environment background. Opposed to a corporate firm where you’d want to look professional and qualified, perhaps with a black or white background.

You can apply a certain attitude and style to your headshot that resonates with the career and company you’re wanting to work for. So, if you’ve left a job and you’re about to go into something completely different to what you were doing, an updated headshot can help to get you seen.

  1. Your old headshots are dated

People may have the same job over many years but although the company doesn’t change, unfortunately our appearances do. It can be difficult to let go of old photos that show us in a youthful light, but when it comes to success and getting that important promotion or role, companies would rather see how experienced, professional and smart you are.

If you’ve recently reinvented yourself or you’ve discovered the real you, you’ll want people to see the best version of you which your headshot can help to reflect.

  1. Businesses prefer professional headshots

If you’re working in a corporate career, you’re probably already aware that a selfie as your headshot photo is frowned upon, not because they don’t look good but they don’t portray a professional image. Your wonderful selfies are great to use on social media to connect you to friends and family but when it comes to business, you need to look the part as your representing the face and brand of a company.

No one can take your photograph better than you can in a selfie, you know what angle works best and where your favourite lighting is in the house. However, a professional headshot photographer has worked with so many variations of people who need headshots for all type of reasons, so they have the expertise to produce the best headshot for your line of work. They use high quality lighting, cameras, lenses and some may offer photoshop skills to touch up any blemishes such as scars you don’t want people to see.

According to an article I read by Julia Nance, a website called Photo Feeler is used to compare how effective selfies are in comparison to professional headshots.

The image below compares the selfie to the headshot of the same girl by voting on three different qualities which are competence, likeability and influential. People are able to vote on your photos so you can evaluate which one is communicating the best about you and how people vision you. As you can see the photo to the left, the professional headshot scored higher in all three categories.

Photo Feeler screenshot of a professional headshot comparison

In summary, it’s much more beneficial to you in terms of career opportunities and making strong connections to have a professional headshot done. You can use it across multiple different platforms such as emails, company systems, LinkedIn and even for dating, but more importantly it’ll make lasting impressions by showing businesses that you take your career and self seriously.

Use the time we have now wisely to invest in yourself, you wont regret it! If you want to hire a professional headshot photographer to take your company headshots or for individual purposes such as personal branding, please get in touch today!