Professional headshots make your business stand out…

Imagery is essential to the way a customer base perceives a company. For example, if a business has unprofessional-looking images on its website, clients will think the same about the business itself and the services that they offer. A customer’s first perception of your company is likely to come from visiting your website. You can’t afford to settle for headshot images that don’t reflect the professionalism of your business and its staff. Using professional corporate headshots ensures that you stand out in your competitive industry. First impressions count, so make sure yours is a good one that reflects the reputation of your company.


… They also make YOU stand out

The same applies to individual cases such as on a CV or LinkedIn page. Did you know that you’re 21 times more likely to get a profile view and 9 times more likely to get a connection request if you have a profile photo on your LinkedIn page? (Source: LinkedIn). You wouldn’t turn up to an interview looking scruffy, so don’t give off the same negative image in your own online presence. A professional photo will reflect your own standards and values. You’ll make it clear in an instant that you’re serious about yourself and your career.


Professional headshots can be re-used around the web

You may think that the main (or only) use for professional headshots within a company is for them to be displayed on your company’s website. Typically, businesses will have a “Meet The Team” page, with the employee’s names, photos, and business emails for potential clients to view. However, professional headshot photography has much more versatility than you may think.

A professional headshot can be used for many different things. They’re incredibly effective marketing tools and can be used across social media platforms like LinkedIn, as well as for more professional instances. This could include an image to accompany a press release, business card, or trade magazine interview. They can even be useful for things like a conference ID pass. In all of these instances, you’ll want to give your company an air of professionalism which isn’t possible with a simple iPhone photo. In the long run, professional photography can be more financially economical for you. One professional headshot can last for years and be used in lots of different circumstances.



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